How to File ITR 1 in 6 Easy Simple Steps

How to File ITR 1

Today, we are going to learn “How to File ITR 1” in 6 easy simple steps. Just follow below steps:

1. Go to Income Tax India Website. This is the official website and through which you are going to learn ‘How to file ITR 1’.

how to file ITR
Process of ‘How to file ITR 1’

 2. Login on Income Tax Website with your user id and password.

How to File ITR


3. You will see the below dashboard. Click on Filing of Income Tax Return as displayed in the below image:

How to File ITR

4. You will see options as shown below:

How to File ITR


Your PAN will be displayed here.

Assessment Year:

Select the Assessment Year for which you want to file Income Tax Return.

ITR Form Number:

In this, you will find only many options but, you can file only ITR 1 and ITR 4 online. The other ITR’s you will have to file through ITR utility.

Filing Type:

Select the option relevant to you. Mostly everyone is filing Original/Revised Return. If you have After Condonation of Delay return or Modified Return, then select this option. Otherwise for ITR 1, Select Original/Revised Return.

Submission Mode:

If you have already created XML, then upload XML. Otherwise, click on Prepare and Submit Online. You will definitely learn “How to file ITR 1” by following the steps.

5. Select your Bank Account and click on continue.

6. You will see below options. From here the main process of “How to File ITR 1” started:

how to file ITR

(i) Instructions:

If you want to read, then read.

(ii) Part A General Information:

Fill your personal information here. Select your nature of employment. Then if you are filing ITR for first time, then select “139(1) on or before due date“. For other options, select relevant options i.e Yes or No. For most, the option is NO.

(iii) Computation of Income and Tax:

Fill your income details as well as deduction details here. Tax will be automatically calculated. You don’t need to worry here. As you fill income and deduction details, income tax and deduction will be automatically calculated. If you don’t know about deductions of Income Tax, then just search deductions and you will see all the deductions in detail.

(iv) Tax Details:

Under this option, your TDS/TCS will be showing. Again this is automatically calculated field. This field is taken from your ‘Form 26AS

‘. If you find any error here i.e. If this field is not matching with your ‘Form 26AS‘, then you can manually fill the details of TDS/TCS or rectify your ‘Form 26AS‘.

If you have paid ‘Advance Tax’ or ‘Self Assessment Tax’, then fill the details of the challan under ‘Details of Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax Payments

(v) Taxes Paid and Verification:

Under this option, just verify tax calculated by system. Verify ‘Amount Payable‘ or ‘Refund‘.

Fill your bank details. For most people, this field is also automatically filled which is taken from your ‘Pre-validated Bank Account‘.

Under Verification, Select ‘Self’. Fill your ‘Place’. Select the verification option through which you want to verify your return.

(vi) Schedule DI:

You will see this Schedule for FY 2019-20 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, government allowed to make investment in eligible sources from 1st April 2020 to 31st July 2020. If you have invested in eligible sources during above period, then fill this schedule. Otherwise, ignore.

(vii) Schedule 80D:

This is simple. Just fill the details of the medi-claim policy if you have taken any. This option is nothing but Section 80D-Mediclaim Policy. If you are not knowing about section 80D, then Click Here to know.

(viii) Schedule 80G:

This is again simple. Just fill the details of the donations if you have donated some amount to any eligible trust or temple. This option is nothing but Section 80G. If you are not knowing about section 80G -Donations, then Click Here to know.

(ix) Schedule 80GGA:

Just fill the details of the donations if you have donated some amount for scientific research or rural development.

After Confirming and verifying all the details of Personal information, Income Tax, and Tax Payable or Refund. Click on ‘Preview and Submit’ and again verify all the details here and click on submit. After submitting, you will get ‘Acknowledgement Number’ and copy of your return through E-mail. If you don’t know how to e verify ITR, then click here to know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section or contact us.

Many of us don’t know about ‘How to file ITR 1‘. Now I hope you now understood “How to file ITR 1“.


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